Friday, September 21, 2012

Date Night Jar

Hi, I am Jesika and I am a Pinterest Addict.

And with being a Pinterest Addict I found this awesome craft. The Date Night Jar I mean seriously one of the best ideas possibly ever. How often do Nico and I stare at each other and say well what do you want to do? IDK what do you want to do? And well that can go on for a long while but now…. It won’t!

So I ventured to Target.. which was my first mistake.. I never end up with just what I needed… but  I picked up some craft sticks and found a sweet jar on clearance since I didn’t have any mason jars on hand so that worked perfectly.

I had sharpies at home as well as stickers so I sat down and made list of dates and well that was a lot harder than I thought but good thing I got a lot of ideas from the original post. Since we will be moving back to SoCal soon some of the green ones are tailored to being down there.

I divided them in the same way but changed the colors.

We have green which means $$ or need planning.
·      Medieval Times
·      Pirates Dinner Adventure
·      Overnight Hotel Stay
·      Couples Massage
·      Camping
·      Cooking Class
·      Comedy Show
·      Ducks Game
·      Fancy Dinner
We have blue which means at home dates
·      Italian Night- Italian dinner, Italian Wine, Italian Movie
·      Puzzle & Pizza
·      Netflix TV Show Marathon
·      Takeout & Board Game
·      Living Room Camping
·      Homemade Pizza & Movie
·      Fondue Meal & Movie
·      Movie Marathon
·      “Chopped Challenge”
·      “spa” at home date
·      Patio Picnic & Stargazing
·      Candlelit Bath & Champagne
We have yellow/no color which means $ or no money and little to no planning.
·      Laser Tag
·      Hiking
·      Roller Skating
·      Bike Ride
·      Arcade
·      Try a new restaurant
·      Bowling
·      Kayaking
·      Driving range
·      Mini golf
·      Go carts
·      Car Cruise
·      Indoor Rock Climbing
·      Sushi
·      Drive in movie
·      Restaurant hop (1 place for each course)
·      Garden Walk
·      Dinner & Movie
·      Go for a test drive
·      Frisbee golf
·      Shooting
·      Picnic & Stargazing

Now that I write the list out I guess I have a lot more than I thought! I cannot wait to start picking dates. 
Stay Crafty!

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