Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Halloween Canvas

Hi Crafty People!

It is finally fall and it is October so it was time for a Halloween craft! I love decorating for the holidays but for some reason I wasn’t really feeling it this year… I don’t know if it is cause in my head us moving is around the corner when in reality February is still pretty far away or who knows.

But I did finally get a motivated to decorate and I busted out my holiday bin and hung up the pumpkin lights, busted out the potholders and put some fall leaves in vases. Then I thought I need more decorations!

I ventured through my crap err hoarding problem err supplies and found 3 8x10 flat canvases.

Insta idea!!

1.    I painted them black

2.    I grabbed some silver glitter puffy paint and drew a web

3.    I grabbed some more puffy paint-orange, glow in the dark and white and black
4.    I scribbled the word EEK and a tiny hidden spider and some glow in the dark paint
Easy and cute… now where to put it… that is a slight problem that I will figure out eventually.

And besides my EEK craft I have been prepping for a local craft fair so I was making lots of Halloween earrings and rings. Check out my facebook page if you want to see more. :]

Stay Crafty and Happy Fall Y’all!

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