Thursday, November 1, 2012

Coming Soon

Hi Friends

I have bee sporadic lately and boy, do I know it.

I had to take some time to reorganize myself and focus on what is really important my family and my education.  I am getting better at managing my schoolwork, social media time and all that other fun stuff.

Now I am going to have to re do all that when I move shortly but for now it is all under control. That means that I have time to start getting posts together for you. So for me that mean I actually have to remember to photograph my projects. I had failed completely this week… I had done some thrift shopping and had some refashioning project but they were pretty standard chop and hem projects nothing too exciting.

However, I did make my Halloween costume… I was Poison Ivy and he was the Joker..villians of Batman go together right?!
Well we already know what we are doing next year too so that diy will be coming in about 11 months. I am planning ahead…

Since it is now November I am thinking of doing a series of Thanksgiving recipes that I use and love. Well I hope you are all excited for it and until we get to the first recipe check out the recipes and tutorials page for past projects. 

Stay Crafty!

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