Tuesday, November 27, 2012

DIY Glitter Frames

Well tis my first post Thanksgiving post. Did you have a good holiday? Did you go black Friday shopping?

I did, I never plan on the shopping but somehow about 9-10 every black Friday I decide to waste time since I have the day off and go shopping.  I went and got a couple pairs of shoes as well as some stuff at JoAnn’s. I now own every color of Gutterman thread, and a rolling sewing machine case. :]

I have been a busy bee working on some items for an event so as soon as I finish those which should hopefully be this week I will be back to crafting and making some cute Christmas crafts!

In the meantime I have a super easy DIY craft for you that would be perfect for Christmas gifts. I went to ikea and found these colorful frames and they were only 99 cents! I could not pass that up. Now originally I was planning on adding some sculpey creations to it but I got over that and wanted to do something else. I recently have been thinking a lot about decorations for my work desk and I really wanted something bright, girly and feminine and just super cute for my desk. I decided these frames needed some glitter and that would complete them.

I sorted through my pile of Martha Stewart fine glitters and found a blue, a iridescent white and mixed it with modpodge. About a 3 parts glitter 1 part glue ration and painted it on nice and thick.  After I did 3 coats it was nice and covered. I let it dry between each layer and after the final layer dried I clear coated it with some more modpodge. It was so easy and it will be so cute when I get my desk back!

I have to have a crafty desk; it wouldn’t be my space without it so you should expect to see some more crafty desk items in the future.

Hope you all are doing fabulous!

Stay Crafty

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