Monday, December 10, 2012

Super Easy Ornament Earrings

Hi Friends!
What kind of crafty items have you been making for the holidays?

I have been making several ear warmers and I am almost done with them! I made them a little thicker this time with a double layer of fleece and I certainly plan on getting a lot more fleece next time I go to JoAnn’s and the fleece is on sale… maybe after Christmas.. I mean a girl’s ears can never be too warm, can they?

Besides that I am attempting my first pair of pajama pants.. Dresses and Skirts I can do.. but pants scare me a teency bit…

Also I am turning an “ugly Christmas sweater” into a skirt to wear on Christmas with some green leggings. As soon as I finish that—hopefully today I will work on a post for you.

I have a few more gifts to make but then I will be done and I may or may not work on some stockings for next year but I love the ones we have now so I may not… Such an undecided crafter! It is only a problem sometimes.. like when I want to be crafty but don’t know what to make…

But in the meantime how about a tutorial for the easiest I mean seriously easiest diy Christmas Earrings!

You will need:
  •  Small Ornaments (I prefer the round ball ornaments)
  • Earring Hooks
First separate the top from the ornament. All you do is pull it off- some plastic bulbs now a days are glue so make sure you go with glass bulbs
Second, pull the wire out of the housing.
Third thread the earring hook through the wire
Fourth, thread the wire back through the housing and back into the ornament
Fifth... wear your beautiful ornament earrings. They are super light weight and super easy to make. Be careful not to pull them when they are in your ear. If you unhook the wire the ornament will drop to the ground and shatter since it is glass. 
So go make a pair or 20... I  may or may not have a whole case full and one of every color.. but just maybe..

Well if you have an idea for a tutorial or you want me to do a guest post or you just want to say hi then go ahead and email me at craftgeekjj (at) hotmail dot com but of course without the at and use the symbol and a period instead of writing out dot.

Stay Crafty!


  1. Oh how fun!
    Christmas ball earrings!
    Good for you

    hugs x

  2. Where do you find your small ornaments and how much about do they cost?


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