Friday, January 11, 2013

DIY Lace Pant Pocket

So there is this site… it is called Pinterest and well I am an addict and you might be too… So Follow Me!! 

Now one lovely day on Pinterest I strolled across some colored jean shorts that had a lace pocket.
I was so excited, I showed Nico and he even acknowledge that it was a “cool” idea… so of course I had to do it… like the following day since the scrolling was happening in bed before bed time. Helps aid in crafty dreams ;)

So I pulled out my colored jeans, lace fabric, thread to match the lace, pins and scissors.
1. Gather your supplies
I cut a straight edge along the top of the lace and pinned it to the top of the pocket so it would stay in place while I cut out the pockets.
2. Cut the lace
The cutting took a little bit longer but you really want to make sure they line up.

3. Make sure the pockets line up
After you have the lace pockets cut thread your needle and get ready to hand sew the lace to the pocket. I started on the top right side of the pocket and made my way all the way around. I secured my stitch, cut off the extra and voila… one pocket down.
4. Sew the lace onto the pocket

So repeat the above sewing steps and you have a fabulous DIY to dress up some jeans.
5. Wear your fabulous jeans!
And these jeans had already been pinterestfied… it is a word? They were highlighter yellow and I bought them for $5 at Wet Seal… I bleached them and then dyed them red since the highlighter yellow pants were not getting worn.

But now they are!! Woot Woot!

Stay Crafty My Friends!


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