Monday, January 21, 2013

Menu Plan Monday

Tomorrow is my birthday! Wooo!

But today is still Monday and a menu plan Monday at that!

Let’s get to it!

Monday: Chicken with Loaded Baked Potato Casserole/Salad
Tuesday: Benihanas!
Wednesday: Pasta
Thursday: Skinny “bangin shrimp” and Faux fried rice**
Friday: Leftovers/Eat Out/IDK
Saturday: who knows? Ah
Sunday: Out to Eat with Friends!

By now you can see I don’t plan for Friday or Saturday. I find that if I do it normally gets messed up because we go out or something so I just have cut it out of the menu plan all together.

So do you guys have any yearly birthday rituals? I typically go to my favorite sushi place but we don’t live near there and Benihanas gives you a $30 certificate to use in the month of your birthday as long as you go Monday-Thursday. Makes my meal free! Free is always great! If you are interested go sign up here. (note, no one pays me to post about this.. I just like to share deals I like and products I love)

Stay Crafty

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