Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ugly Sweater Skirt

I bet some of you are wondering why I am posting an Ugly Christmas Sweater refashion after Christmas. The answer to that is now is the best time to find an ugly sweater at the thrift store for super cheap. When it gets closer to Christmas the pickings start to get real thin if you can find any.

For my ugly sweater refashion I used a zip up jacket. I would of preferred a pullover but I just loved the dancing reindeer on this jacket.

First you need to find an ugly sweater that you like that is big… I’m talking the sweater was an XL and I wear a S/M.
My first step to modifying was removing the sleeves.
Then because mine had a zipper and since I was cutting off the top I seam ripped the zipper out. After removing the zipper I pinned and sewed the now zipper less edges together.
After the zipper was removed and the edges were sewn together I started pinning the tip down so I could make a fold that I would later run elastic through.
I sewed down the pinned edges and left a gap on both sides so that I could more easily thread the elastic through the skirt.

I like to secure a big safety pin to the elastic so I can pull it more easily through the fold. It gives you something to grab onto and pull with.
After I added the elastic I sewed the loop together and stretch the fabric around it. I secured my openings and my sweater is now a skirt.

I paired my sweater skirt with some green tights and a white sweater shirt. It was a fun and playful ugly sweater skirt!
So be sure to keep an eye out for ugly sweaters when you are out and about.

And to go with my outfit I revamped again my thrift shoes. I added a nice green pop of color on the toe with modpodge and glitter. 

Stay Crafty
PS my dog said Merry Christmas too!

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