Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Valentine's Day Projects

Oh another holiday is coming up you say? One that I can decorate for?! Oh goodie.

So last year I found some super cute fabric at Hobby Lobby and decided to make some towel hangers, an apron and try my hand at some placemats.. The placemats may of been crooked... maybe I should of taken my time but oh well.
I cut 3 strips of fabric and sewed them together. I ironed them flat and on the backing I had ironed on interfacing so now I took the pieces wrong side together and sewed them together. I then added a binding around the outside. I hate binding... just fyi
Next time I am sewing them right side together, folding them the right way and stitching them flat… none of this binding business… but you live and you learn right?!
Well other than that I made these towel hangers. I made a pattern out of a Chrismtas one I had that I picked up on clearance at JoAnn after the holiday.

But this blog has a link to a free pattern that can be used…
Just fyi if you have any immature boys around while making the project they may comment as to the shape of the fabric when you cut it out… Just warning you.

Oh and the towels are from the dollar section at Target, a favorite store of mine and the best section of that store!

Now onto the apron…. I used this post but added a little length and a heart pocket to go with it!.
So do you have any Valentine’s day plans? I am hoping to convince Nico to see Safe Haven but I will settle for another movie if he won’t budge… 

And this was us last year... we made sushi at home and watched a movie. It was fun!
Oh and he had a mustache... and lots of hair and he put a shirt on our dog?!

And then we have to get back to finishing packing.. don’t you love moving?! :(

Stay Crafty

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