Friday, February 8, 2013

Dress Refashion

Do you get on kicks like I do? I have been on a thrift shopping kick lately, I just can’t get enough of it. It is so cheap and so great perfect on a working college students budget.
I really enjoy finding pieces that people pass because of small holes or shoulder pads and then taking them and fixing them. Plus who doesn't like to have a one of a kind frock?!
Lately I have been trying to stock up on more professional clothes for when I go back to working in an office which is coming up faster than I would like it to... I have found some great finds.
This dress I love, the teal, the mini hounds tooth and the piping were great.
The shoulder pads and the length I didn’t love but those are easy fixes. At $3.99 for the dress I couldn’t see passing it up when a few quick fixes would make it a dress I love.
So I brought her home, I busted out my sewing machine and seam ripper and got to work.
I started by removing those god-awful shoulder pads. They were only attached with 2 small stitches on each.
Then I did something about the length. I chopped it to knee length so it was work appropriate with or without tights.
Now it is something I will wear and I plan to wear with my cute wedge booties.
Stay Crafty

 I also have been pinning items to my refashion inspiration board that I plan on making once I get all settled in! Check it out!


  1. Very cute! I love when you find things that just need simple fixes.

    1. me too! I am also a sucker for pieces that need some extra work but those take longer for me to think of what I want to do :)

  2. Saw your post on Gunny Sack Link Party #75. Love the dress makeover. My post is #131.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I will go check out your post :)

  3. So cute! I love the design on the dress! :)

    1. Me too, when I saw it I knew I could not pass it up!


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