Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Well I promised features but there was only one project linked up 
but I know how it goes it is hard to start up a linky party. 

I will stick with it but I am taking a  two week break from it this week as it is crunch time to pack and things are getting hectic

I am sure you know how that goes. 

Well besides packing and more packing I had a crazy busy weekend, it figures a lot would be going on right before we move though most of it is because we are moving. 

On Saturday some friends and I ventured to Lodi to do some wine tasting before coming back and enjoying the warm weather by barbequing some tri tip! Mmm :)

Sunday did some ice-skating with a friend and her child, man I forgot how hard that is on the ankles but it was still fun. After that did some vegging around before I had 3 softball games! It was crazy and indoor softball is more than just regular outdoor slow pitch, it is more fast pace. It was so fun but man was I sore yesterday. 

And yesterday I packed, packed, had lunch with friends, did homework and then had one more game for my other team. 

It has been a busy weekend and it will be a busy week. I have a feeling it is going to go fast and well I am not sure I want that to happen. 

Stay Crafty

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