Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Jacket Refashion

Here is an easy refashion in case you ever buy anything that is slightly too big or just needs a simple feminine touch. 

I know I told you that I am obsessed with thrifting and refashioning lately right?!

And I am having withdrawals from it... moving sucks... but I get to thrift shop after I move to get stuff for the new place!

Well I am also obsessed with Pinterest and so I started a refashion inspiration board now too! It is just so awesome and so fun and not to mention who doesn't like buying some brand name clothes for $1-$5 dollars! Or making something not brand name look brand name and trendy.

As I said before I am working on accumulating professional clothes for when I go back to office work and I found this gem of a suit jacket set for $3.99. The jacket had a good length in the torso and arms but it needed something.
I decided it needed a little ruching/gathering in the back to give it a fitted look.
I went about this buy cutting a 2-3 inch piece of elastic and pinning the middle of it to the middle of the jacket lining.

I stretched the elastic out and pinned it again on both sides. You will be able to see the thread the way I did it so make sure your thread matches the jacket.
I pulled the elastic until it was tight to where I had pinned it and sewed the elastic in place with a zig zag stitch.
The zig zag allows for it to stretch and now I have a jacket that has a cute gathering in the back.

I am excited to wear this suit jacket, though my office is not super dressy but it would be perfect for over a dress.

I also need to brag about the awesome black with red pinstriped pant suit I got for $5.99. That is less than $6 for a full totally awesome, work pantsuit! It is so great to find awesome thrift finds and I truly am going to miss the thrift shops I found in Sacramento. I really hope I find some awesome ones in Orange County too. I know of a few already but none like what I have experienced up here.

So if you live in OC and know of good thrifting stores let me know!

What is your favorite thrift find?

Stay Crafty


  1. That's such a easy, simple and awesome refashion! So cute.
    Freya May xxxx

    1. Isn't it and some of the easiest refashions are the best ones!


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