Friday, February 1, 2013

Ombre Tennis Shoes

Do you remember when I redid some thrift store shoes involved mod podge and a lot of glitter.

Well I was thinking about that tutorial and since then I had changed them up even more with more glitter and modpodge.
Since I was thinking about it I wanted to glitter up some more shoes. It just so happens I had just bought a new pair of White Vans I had some white target shoes that I didn’t necessarily need anymore. So I busted out textile medium, glitter and some green and white paint.

My first mix was textile medium, green glitter and 1 squirt of paint. This was for the dark toe.

The next mix was textile medium, green glitter and ½ squirt of green paint and ½ squirt white paint.

The last mix was textile medium, green and white glitter 1 squirt white paint and 1 drop of green paint.

With a pencil I marked the shoe into 3 section so I could have a guideline to where to paint.
At the end I took a clean brush and blended the sections together. And yay for ombre glitter shoes.
It can be done without glitter or with more sections or just so many options!

Stay Crafty

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