Friday, February 22, 2013

Salmon Poke Bowl

Now I have told you how I love food and that includes sushi…which I think has been stated.

In this post I briefly touched on a poke bowl as I talked about what I do with extra fish from the day after a sushi making night.

This post is completely dedicated to a Salmon Poke Bowl.
I love it and the best part is it can be made with any combination of fish you like. I have had tuna, I have had octopus I have had a bunch of options and if you like more than one then combine them and make a mixed poke salad. If I had fresh tuna I would of done a salmon and tuna poke bowl but this one is a Salmon and Shrimp bowl.

For the bowl you will need:
Fresh Fish (sushi grade)- We used salmon
Boiled/cooked Shrimp
Radishoot sprouts or other sprouts
Ponzu (Citrus Soy Sauce)
Imitation crab flakes or sticks.
I started by chopping and slicing all my ingredients. Once all my items were chopped they went into a bowl!
I poured in ¼ cup ponzo and the juice of 1 lemon. I also added a bit of siracha and mixed together.
Pour the mixture into bowls and enjoy!

Stay Crafty

Printable Recipe 

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