Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Two from One (A Refashion)

Like I said last week I really am enjoying the thrift store.

And I really miss going to the thrift store.. moving sucks!

I found this super cute yellow Hawaiian print dress that was long but already had the “fitted” style to it.  I wanted to have a cuter summer dress so I chopped a lot of the length off.

I ended up chopping enough length off that I was able to make a skirt too!

I love when I end up with 2 things from one thrift store find. At $4.99 for now 1 dress and 1 skirt, that is a score.
I can’t believe it took me this long into my life to realize how amazing thrift store shopping is. You know how much money I could of saved if I would of started thrift store shopping when I first had my own car… oh man…

As I said above all I did to the dress was hem it.

The skirt I had to sew for it has a slit in the front before. I also did a fold, sewed it down and then added the elastic so it is nice and stretchy.

I am doing pretty good on my resolution so far! Yay!

And after we move I will hopefully have lot of fun organizational crafts! Yay for having a craft/guest room! If you follow me on Pinterest you probably will end up sort of knowing what it will look like but of course I will be sharing it on here as well. :]

And if you follow me on Pinterest you'll see I added a board just for items that inspire my refashions!

Stay Crafty

And it is moving day so wish me luck!!! :)

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