Monday, March 25, 2013

Easter Placque Decoration

It is Monday.
I know that is normally Menu Plan Monday but...

1. I haven't even thought about menu planning yet
2. I actually made Easter Decorations more than a day in advance of the holiday. 

That means I need to be able to share it with y'all before Easter too!

So I was at Hobby Lobby or somewhere and I saw this super adorable placque thing that had eggs on it and each egg had a letter and it said Easter.

I considered buying it until I realized...
1. it was $15
2. I could make it
3. I had all the supplies to make it

I used:
Wood Key Rack
Plastic Easter Eggs
Hot Glue
 photo 26C1F15B-7550-4FDA-A58A-3FD7058529B7-13080-00000C88B193D106_zpsa6d39ed9.jpg
 I started by removing the hooks from my wooden key rack that I bought for $2 at the swapmeet
 photo C899F70E-D1ED-42CF-8A6A-F005C61ADDB0-13080-00000C88BD3BCC0E_zpsdb28a238.jpg
Then I slightly sanded it and started painting it
 photo 360B1992-BF16-40FC-AED9-43D541211A83-13080-00000C88C77374D4_zpse10a5dbf.jpg
 photo 2B66E943-8A9D-43C6-BC7B-AF973EE5A7C0-13080-00000C88D2CDF464_zps431eb0b8.jpg
I painted a few more coats and during the drying time I took a sharpie and wrote Easter amongst the eggs.. you can also use stickers, vinyl, felt or whatever else you want instead.
 photo BE7C905E-63DB-45A5-BD04-DB745155B7DC-13080-00000C88E8731E39_zps4483ed08.jpg
After the paint was dry and the eggs were ready I hot glued the eggs into place.
 photo 3026DEC3-F13D-4AA1-B281-55D4F75EF35F-13080-00000C88FBE34010_zpsab9d2de1.jpg
Voila! What would of cost my $15 to buy full price and $8 ish with a coupon cost me $3 to make!
 photo a113c347-5b38-4d93-aa2a-3da71c9ec595_zps2408d8aa.jpg
That is a thrifty crafty deal if you ask me!
 photo d1574734-9811-48ee-812d-7ab1cdad998a_zps93c29145.jpg
What decorations do you have going on right now?

Stay Crafty

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