Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Faux Fried Rice

Nico and I really like fried rice but I don’t own a Wok and I hate cooking rice… it takes too long. But I think I really should buy a Wok...adding that to my wish list now.

That would pose a problem but there is this magic rice, well kind of sort of… it is called Minute Rice.

I love Minute Rice and how quickly I can whip up rice. I boil the water, I pour the rice in and let it steam for a couple of minutes while I prepare the rest of the items for dinner.

Now I guess I should disclose that no one paid me to write this, I am a mere small fish in the bloggy world and people don’t pay me to write. I blog because I like it but if anyone wants to pay me I won’t say no. HAHA…

minute rice
green onions
peanut oil
teriyaki sauce
soy sauce

So anyways minute rice boil the water and let it steam and while it rests to make my faux fried rice I scrambled 2 eggs in some peanut oil.
Let the eggs get nice and cooked while you slice some scallions and shred some carrots. Once the eggs are cooked add the scallion and onion to the pan.
Add the rice, mix well then add in 1tbs soy sauce and 2-3 tbs teriyaki… add to taste.
I lately just use teriyaki but both are amazing. Mix well and serve with something yummy over. Like this crock pot cashew chicken.
I follow that recipe but add some red bell pepper slices since I like the flavor that it adds to the chicken.

So what do you like to remake to make easier? I find I do it quite often so I will post some more of them.

Stay Crafty

Faux Fried Rice Printable Recipe

PS. we are unpacked, essentially and pretty organized.. but there will be tons of reorganizing going on in order to make sure I am utilizing my space the best I can but that can wait.

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