Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Guest Room Update!

I am excited to say this last week I made progress on my to do list!

I made:
Master Bedroom CA King Duvet Cover
Master Bedroom Decoration Pillos
Guest Room Pillows
St Patty's Day Canvas Art
St Patty's Day Shamrock Garland

The duvet covers and the pillows were a big check for me... the master Bedroom Duvet surprisingly only took 3 hours, 1 seam rip and 1 dinner break...

I was a little shocked since it looked so overwhelming when it was all laid out. I mean it is 3yds by 2.5 yds. That is a lot of fabric to work with... and a bit annoying but it still got done like I wanted it to. 
It looks boring from afar but one is a white on white floral print and one is white on white polka dots, the pillows are the floral print. I am working on pillows with color to bring something else to the room. But for now we have a duvet cover!
And we have a cute guest craft room!
 photo A74941BD-06A1-4A95-92CD-48616AC0D900-8737-0000085272828335_zpsde48d8c4.jpg
Color and crafty items are required in the room for inspiration!
 photo 9A663B9B-1A21-444B-9890-2B1EC0D61E15-8737-00000852891F49C5_zps1ac44373.jpg
I was told this weekend after I showed my friend the rooms "you are so domestic"and that was fabulous! Being crafty is amazing!

Stay Crafty

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