Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Long Sleeve Shirt Refashion

Ever ordered something once and got a perfect size and then ordered again in the same size but a different style of shirt was used?
Oh you too, good to know I am not the only one. So say it was a long sleeve shirt and you really didn’t want to donate it, or throw it away what do you do…
Well you refashion of course!
I had ordered this bling shirt from a vendor I met at a craft show the style of shirts she was using changed from one order to the next but no complaints since the bling was what I wanted.
It was rather large and it just did not look right when I wore it as it was made to be worn...

 To answer your question yes, it is a Halloween shirt... It just so happens that when you move you find some things that may or may not have been forgotten... Who would of thought?!
So I started chopping. It was a long sleeve with a slight “v” so the bottom of the “v” is where I started the line to cut. It ended up matching up perfectly with the bottom of the armhole.
I wanted to make it more of a fitted tube top so I pinned some elastic lace right under where the bling design ended. I secured the lace in place with a zig zag stitch using an orange thread so it would go with the overall theme. After the elastic lace was secured I went to work on the top portion of the shirt.
I folded over the top of the fabric to leave room for some ribbon or elastic. I went with ribbon this time since I have been doing elastic a lot lately. Though I like how the ribbon turned out I will probably stick to elastic since the whole tying thing gets annoying.
But anyways now you wear your tube top! So many possibilities as there are sometimes long sleeve shirts at thrift stores that have a hole, stain or something else wrong with it.  
Stay Crafty
-Jesika PS Follow my refashion inspiration pin board

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