Monday, March 4, 2013

Menu Plan Monday

I am moved, unpacked and not going crazy.. yet. 
 I have 3 boxes left and that is simply because I have no idea where the heck to put the stuff... but I will figure it out. 

I am also back to working in an office again and not at home.. What?! You mean I actually have to put on real people clothes and makeup and do my hair and then drive to work... what is this nonsense?

It will be an adjustment and in  time I am sure I will get used to it. I will also get used to going to the gym after work as well as packing a lunch. 

It just takes time, but who has much of that anyways?!

So anyways I am planning a menu this week for the first time in two weeks!
Monday: BBQ Pulled Chicken Sliders
Tuesday: Tortellini Pasta
Wednesday: Tilapia Packets, Veggies & Rice
Thursday: Dinner with my Fam Bam
Friday: Turkey Sliders

So there is that and let me tell you I went to Costco this weekend and stocked up my freezer. After having nothing in my freezer it was nice to see it fully stocked.

Stay Crafty

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