Monday, March 11, 2013

Menu Plan Monday

I totally failed last week to stick to my menu plan but that isn't really my fault... A lot of people apparnetly wanted to catch up with us so we had a lot of plans for dinner that I didn't account for.

This week isn't much different. 

Today: Sushi with my Brother (he is visiting from Minnesota and brought my adorable nieces out and it will be my first time here since I moved back as well!)
Tuesday: Kicking Crab for a coworkers Birthday!
Wednesday: Turkey Sliders
Thursday: Chicken and Mashed Potatoes
Friday: Tilapia, Rice and Veggies
Saturday: Unknown!
Sunday: Burgers and Green Beer! and Cupcakes and some more.. a lot of it will be green!

Now if you follow my on IG you will notice I made a wedding cake this weekend! It was so fun, yes I stressed a bit cause it is nerve racking.
 photo 868C120A-F0DA-4286-82D8-55360F4EFBB5-999-0000010081800A95_zps0fce9ece.jpg
 photo EFA9BF4F-E337-4DBD-BF22-22CBE172CA50-999-000001009CD6E3CC_zps787f804a.jpg

Another thing I started to do was organize and put together my crafting/guest room. It isn't the most organized place for now but here are the before pictures. I plan on decorating without painting and I am sure some of the things I end up doing will be different but just so you can compare the before to the after here we are!
 photo 7700764E-C87F-45DF-997E-59D57C01A997-999-0000010184ABDFB7_zpsdb07666f.jpg
 photo B76D226C-68A6-4AB7-9F1E-A67D66A08FAE-999-00000100643F2A95_zps252651b4.jpg
 photo 7AC81F11-C6DE-41DB-999D-2225CDB92290-999-000001005809FCEA_zps131c8ec0.jpg
Dress Form Corner
 photo D7B19C5A-8695-4F4E-ACA2-6D69C37F6B76-999-0000010039A635A5_zps7f16f742.jpg
Closet Shelves
 photo B57913F1-6525-4EC5-A84B-C1E0785F203E-999-000000FFDC898A69_zpsf0d627eb.jpg
Bed Walls
 photo 41C20798-F5D2-446C-8865-6AB47C5CBB3F-999-000000FFD45BCC8A_zpsc2759f8f.jpg
 photo 7BA0A978-1DA7-490D-8532-459A2BCDCF2E-999-000000FFB8487CA9_zpse8d3a129.jpg
Above Bed

The desk was the biggest thing and since I found it on Craiglist last week I made Nico get it and now I will have a space to sew, cut fabric and more.
 photo FBDD01A5-E00C-4971-AB08-A5DB9E873348-999-00000101231A6C90_zps841e4029.jpg
I can finally work on my duvet cover and the pillow cases for the guest bed.. I have a lot of things to do....

Well the house is almost all together. This weekend I added a wall of photos to go with the paintings and personalize it a bit. We still need some items but for the most part we are somewhere that we are ok with for now.

I need to organize a lot of places as I mostly just unpacked to unpack and put it where I would want it so it is a bit chaotic. 
 photo 80D38D97-3EA2-4D67-B3D2-0FA6FD019234-999-000000FF84C03120_zps590279b9.jpg
Dress Form/Desk Almost Done!
 photo 53838C64-8562-4A47-83BF-4B87087B4EDD-999-000000FF74F23F0B_zps79538455.jpg
Photo Wall
I am sure you will hear more about it later but for now I am done telling you how much I need to organize!

Stay Crafty

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