Friday, March 15, 2013

Thrift Haul

So I talked a bit about how I have been refashioning a lot lately and I also have talked about how I am trying to get better with my pictures I take.

I have become so enthralled with refashioning that I made a refashion inspiration pin board!

I wanted to share my thrift haul with you.
I numbered the items so I could tell you a bit about what I plan to do to them.
1.    This blue jean shirt number is going to be taken in to be more fitted as it is pretty loose right now. I think it will go awesome with these jeans. 
2.    A XL mens shirt to be made into a  halter swim suit cover up/ tunic
3.    A dress to be hemmed, it was just too long but it is Rampage and it was $3.99 or something cheap like that.
4.    Black Criss Cross Dress. I am going to chop it and make it a nice going out shirt
5.    Adding a belt loop or elastic for a fitted waist
6.    Undecided at this time but doing something…
7.    Also undecided but going along the lines of a fitted jacket.

That is it for now and of course when I actually start the refashioning of the items I will post them here. I am trying to get better… and I have or at least I think I have.

I like posting my thrifting hauls for you to see more of the before pictures so I will try my best to keep it up.

and I have more to post since I apparently forgot I had stashed some clothes away before moving as to not alert Nico of my to be done piles...

Stay Crafty

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