Friday, April 26, 2013

3 Strand Ombre Bracelet

I sort of kinda have obsessive phases... I am sure I have told you this already and this ombre bracelet was the inspiration for this one!

I originally planned to make it a color blocking bracelet but it quickly turned to an ombre color blocking but it works!
It starts off similar to the others I have posted. The difference here is I had a separate string that I was going to knot around since the other colors were going to be utilized.

I cut 3 white strings that were a bit longer that the length I needed to wrap around my wrist.
The other colors I cut 4-5 feet of it. 

Tie the knot at the top & pick what color you want to start with.
Start knotting until you get enough length, repeat with the other two colors. (If you don't remember how to knot check here!)

To finish pick two of the long strands and do a few knots over all of the other ribbons. 
Cut the string so you can still tie the bracelet or add a button! 
I also made this totem pole bracelet
and this lanyard
and I may or may not be making another lanyard if it works out like I plan. 

I may of also made a zig-zag one for a birthday gift.
I may also be working on a tutorial for when you run out of thread and you still have more knots to make!

But like I said I may have a bunch of things going on to continue my obsession but you will just have to wait and see!

Stay Crafty!

Oh and PS.. Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!

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