Friday, April 5, 2013

Capri Pants- A Refashion

I failed, I had this post all ready to go like 5 different times before I finally added the pictures to it.. but now that there are finally pictures here we go!

Ever buy too short of pants from the thrift store because they were just that cute?!

I have and I did and I tried to wear them as normal pants twice before I finally gave in and made them capris so I didn't look so awkward with only 1/2 inch of my ankle or sock hanging out.

So anyways I took these super cute jeans from the thrift store, it was a higher end thrift store in Costa Mesa/Newport ish so they have some nice brand name stuff. Like the juicy jeans I bought for this tutorial with adorable heart pockets.

How could I pass them up? I mean I have only been wanting pants with a heart shaped pocket for like years now! 
So to make my jeans into capris- but not like super short capris the long ones that seem to be super popular right now I cut off the thick seam of the jean.
I then rolled the jean one time making it about 1-1.5 inches thick.
Then I rolled it a second time.
I made sure it laid flat and that they were even and then stitched it into place by going down the seams of the pants. 
and there you have it! I plan on going back and fabric gluing the cuff if I start to have problems with it but for now its been perfect and they are my favorite pants so I wear them quite often.

Do you have any pants that are ready for a flood? Make them into capris!

I love mine!

Stay Crafty

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