Monday, April 1, 2013

Menu Plan Monday

Happy Monday & Happy April Fool's Day

Did I get you with my nasty menu plan? 

Needless to say my stomach churned a bit when I was writing that all down... ickky

Now that I did my attempt at a joke I want to say I successfully predicted 4/5 tricks my boss tried to pull on me!

I tend to forget it is a day of tricks as it is also my best friends birthday! Hi Erica!

With that all out of the way I am back to real menu planning! Things have gotten a little out of sorts since we moved. We are getting use to new routines and trying to figure out a few other things. I will fully admit that I slacked. I made food but I made the same thing and typically only for myself as Nico is busy running a lot of errands these days. 

But that is all going to change this week. I am determined to try new recipes, I will cook even if Nico is not home and he will have it for lunch the next day. 

For my lunches I will be having pasta salad as the main course. 

For dinners they are all pinterest inspired, well all but one of them!

Wednesday: Keep it Clean Tilapia with Rice and Cucumber
Thursday: Taco Salad

I am excited to try all these new recipes. Once I try them you will know the verdict if you follow me on Pinterest as you will see it moved to my Tried & Tested recipes of pinterest board.

Until the next time.
Stay Crafty!

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