Friday, April 12, 2013

Ombre Friendship Bracelet

I go through phases with  my crafting. 

This phase was last experienced with my headphones tutorial!

That worked pretty well for me as that is still my most popular post to date!

To  make the ombre bracelet you will need
Different shades of the same color either floss or thin ribbon (the 50 cent spools at the craft store)
You will want to cut about 4 feet of each color off of the spool.

Place the thread of ribbon together and find the middle.
Tie a loop at the middle.
Start by taking you lightest color and knot them around the other colors. 

This video shows it around headphones but instead of around  headphones the middle for this bracelet are the other ribbon colors. 

To know how long to make it wrap the ribbons around your wrist and for me I guessed about what 1/3 would be and did my first color until that spot.
When you go to switch colors it is easy.

Take the ribbon you were using and add it to the center, take the next color out and knot around the colors that now should be in the middle, continue as necessary and repeat.
At the end you can just cut off the excess but leave enough to be able to pull it through the loop and tie it in place.
If you don't want to tie it thread some extra ribbon through a button and secure it in place with a few knots.
And now you have an easy ombre bracelet!
Stay Crafty

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