Friday, May 17, 2013

Color Blocked Tye Dye Shoes

You have seen me do color blocking before.. and yes it was the same colors.. .that is all because Nico and I are part of a car club called MFest and those are the colors.

Well this year it is memorial weekend, and it is going to be super hot and I am also old enough this year to go to the club events which means I have to wear heels more than I did the last time we went. So I wanted some comfy shoes to wear while we walk the event. 

I found these plain white slip ons from the thrift store for $5. I already had bought red, black, and yellow dye so next I had to figure out how I wanted to do this... I knew it would be best if I didn't have to dip so I bought these wilton bottles from JoAnn.. they are for melting chocolate but they are great squirt bottles too!
I started at the toe with the black as I thought the other colors would bleed down and you wouldn't be able to tell as much. Once I got a nice coverage of black I went for  the red while still holding the shoe up to prevent the red from going to the back. The last color the yellow was the trickiest. I found that letting it sit on a level surface was the best way to get the yellow to soak in without blending with the other colors.
After I thoroughly saturated the shoes I let them rest overnight to soak up as much as the dye as possible. I then rinsed them with a bit of water and placed them in the washer. 
I left them to dry outside once they were done washing. They turned out pretty good for a $5 pair of shoes...there may be a bit of dye on the sole but no one but me will criticize it!

I think I may try to do something like this again, it was fun!

Stay Crafty

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