Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Craft Room After

So if you saw the before, the after is now here. 
dress forms and thread

paint organization and a messy desk
Bed & Photo

Organized Closet

Still organized chaos
And like I said it is not dramatic but it is now organized and much better for crafting.. though I doubt it stays organized for long but we will see.

It is kinda organized and kinda already chaos as you can see here but that is cause I am trying to organize my recipe binder that currently looks like this..
Needless to say it is time to cut out the articles and put them in some sheet protectors and organize them instead of just continuing to pile them into the binder.. 

Well that is the room!

Nothing special but it gets the job done but you can bet when I have a room only for crafting it will be epic!

Stay Crafty

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