Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Meal Plan.. Tuesday.. fail

Yes, I know it is Tuesday.... yes I also know that Monday is normally my meal plan day but I was tired and  I lost my voice and just didn't want to do anything yet I still had to work, do kickbox and grocery shop so bleh!

But here is my meal plan

Monday (yesterday): Made chicken soup!
Tuesday: Keep it clean Tilapia with salad
Wednesday: Shrimp packets with mango avocado salsa
Thursday:Scallop Pasta
Friday: Cauliflower BBQ Chicken Pizza

Lots of fish but I love seafood so that is a-okay with me and plus I have a pack of tilapia loins, a bag of shrimp and bag of scallops that are always in the freezer!

It has been a rainy nasty past 2 days here in OC, how is your weather? I hope it is prettier than mine..

Stay Crafty

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