Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cardigan to Top

My friend Katie (hi Katie) who is in med school was in town this week so we decided to do all you can eat like we do every time she is in town...And she was the motivation I needed to create some posts!

So sometimes while I am working away I get a brilliant idea... and it just comes out of nowhere but really I think crafting is always on my mind and so much so that I don't even notice it anymore.... 

But anyways I got a brilliant idea for one of my thrift store finds... it was $6 brand new and it caught my eye so I had to get it... even though I wasn't really sure what to do with it.. 
It came to me, I sketched the idea down and it was done later that night!

What I did was first and foremost.. I removed the shoulder pads...
Then I wanted to make the back open and flowy to be a bit flashy/sexy/hip so I pinned the sides (what do I call them, the flaps, the opening... idk) I guess we can go with opening onto each other.. I overlapped it about 2 inches and pinned it in place.

I gave it a quick stitch across the top and down where it overlapped. 
I then made the back the front. I folded it in half so the seams met and cut a deep "V" in the back.

 I then pinned a little piece of elastic near the bottom of the "V" to form a peephole look. 

I didn't finish the edges since the material won't fray and really I was over sewing at that point! So here are my lovely after pictures.. 

So what do you think?!

Stay Crafty

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