Wednesday, June 5, 2013

DIY Rug- SYTYC Audition Craft

If any of you follow So You Think You're Crafty (SYTYC) you know that I am going to be on Season 16!

And now that the auditions are over I can share my tutorial for my DIY Rugs... yes I made two and omg I saved sooooo much money!

I wanted something like this... but it was $336 and it still was not what I wanted.

I also wanted one like this but I didn't want to spend $199 either... that is just too much for a rug at least to me!

So one day I was walking around JoAnn's and I went to the clearance fabric section and found some great blue, fabric that I could use for my rug! I also found a great heavy tan fabric to use as a backing. The blue fabric was $8/yd and the tan was $9/yd... I got 1.5 yds each.. so I spent $25.50 on the materials for the rug.. I also happened to find this remnant piece so I got another 1yd of the brown fabric and the discount for the remnant is taken up front so $3.50 for the green $9 for the brown so $12.50 for the other rug... score!

But I didn't want plain blue and plain green... that is too boring for me.. so off to my paint stash I went I grabbed my textile medium $3 a bottle and green paint $2 a bottle and I needed 2 and I mixed it together with the medium. 

I then made a stencil out of card stock for the shape that I wanted and I put some tape on the back and stuck it to the fabric and started stenciling. 

I also taped off a chevron on the green fabric and mixed medium with navy blue paint so another $7 dollars.. I painted it onto the fabric.

At the end I had this
and this

Now it was time to add the backing.. I wanted it to wrap around a bit so I cut my fabric the blue and the green to be about 1-2 inches shorter on all sides than the tan fabric.

I used this tutorial from Make it and Love it! I couldn't believe I used to do it any other way. 

I sewed it around all the edges and voila!

Two new rugs... 
And it matches my blanket basket!
So let's do the math:
Fabric Blue Rug: $25.50
Textile Medium: $3
Green Paint: $2 bottles at 2 each total $4
Total: $32.50
Savings: $303.50
Fabric Green Rug: $12.50
Textile Medium: $3
Navy Blue Paint: $4.49
Total: $19.99
Savings: $179.01

I think I did pretty good and with the rug mats under they work perfectly! I love them! 

Stay Crafty

and tune into SYTYC to vote for this new season!

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