Monday, June 17, 2013

Menu Plan Monday & SYTYC Voting is up!

Did y'all miss me last week?! I missed this blog but I was in bed almost all week with a lovely cold... 

On top of that I had to make stuff for SYTYC Competition which by the way is up right now so you should pop on by and vote for your favorite projects. 

In hoping I get to next week I am also in a mad dash to think of something clever for next week... but my brain may still be recovering from being sick as it is not helping on the brainstorm.

Anyways I made a menu plan so let's get to that:
Monday: Beer Brats 
Tuesday: Frozen Dinner- my first jewelry class is tonight :)
Wednesday: Tilapia Salad
Thursday: Chicken Avocado Soup
and this weekend we are dog/house sitting so I don't know what we will cook much since we won't want to clean.. and plus I am going to a baby shower this weekend and my friend will be in town on Friday so we will do out normal all you can eat sushi meal! yay!

I guess a lot happens or I just have a lot to say when I don't blog for a week! I am working on getting some posts together so that new stuff will be up this week.. or so I hope!

 I promise that now that I am not sick I will try to be productive but I did also just buy a kindle and I am obsessed with it!

So maybe scratch that promise... but really I need to share some of my recent projects!

Anyways until then
Stay Crafty


  1. The Chicken Avocado soup sounds yummy, good luck with the competition :)

    1. I know, I am intrigued to try it. I found it on pinterest! Thanks!


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