Friday, June 7, 2013

Thrift Store Redo- Side Table Edition

On Mother's Day I got a lovely pedicure and had lunch with my mom. We then walked around and wandered into Goodwill...

I had been searching for some cheap small tables to put next to my bed and one next to a bench I plan to acquire sometime soon or make.. 

I found these bad boys..

and they had no price on them.. The lady wanted $15 each.. I said $10 she came back with both for $19.99... Deal! I win!

So I packed those babies into the car and my mom and I went over to home depot to get some supplies. I grabbed some sand paper, painters tape, primer and navy blue spray paint. 

I did a nice sanding all over them... it was not fun but it had to be done... then I primed those bad dogs and watched the paint dry... not really but kinda sorta.. ok I was pretty impatient but I just turned on food network and went out every other commercial since it was a hot day and it was dry by then. 

Once they were nice and primed I taped off a strip on the top, it indents a bit and I thought a white strip would look awesome.
I then painted them navy blue.. it took several coats but it was worth it..

and they were done and would be fine and dandy like this even with the silver nobs
BUT we happened to clean out our garage that night and we found 2 white nobs... it was meant to be.. and now! they are just amazing!!!!
Or so I think they are... I am still working on adding color to our room since we moved but this was a nice addition since the only other color is an orange pillow for the bed and the lamp shades that are a dark red that I still need to recover... It is on the to do list still and now that I am working on SYTYC crafts so I can try to win I am a bit occupied! But before the end of the summer they will get done... heck maybe even before the official start of summer.

Stay Crafty

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