Friday, July 5, 2013

DIY Baby Mobile

I really enjoy being crafty especially when I have an unexpected event come up that I need to make a gift for. I had been wanting to make a baby mobile for a while but I never got around to it until very recently.
I used:
Embroidery Ring
Sewing Machine
I started by using my cricut to cut multiple different types of butterflies. 

I sewed them all together with a sewing machine and left room between the butterflies so that they would dangle more freely. 

I took the hoop and separated the two I tied the butterfly strands to the inner ring. I reserved the outer ring for the tulle. 

I used some string and tied it to the inner ring so that the mobile would have something to hand from. I then slipped the outer ring around the inner ring to complete the mobile. 
Configuring the string was the most tedious and annoying but other than that it was super easy and I may use this idea in the future as I really like how it turned out!

Stay Crafty

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