Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Lamp Redo

Remember when I made those super awesome side tables to add some color to the room?!
Well I finally got around to another project to bring color to my room!
I had these lamps... they worked when I had my old room but black and white doesn't add the color that I was looking for so I pulled out some fabric as well some spray paint.

I used some fabric glue to attach the fabric and clothes pins to keep it in place. The small shade was easy to cover but I did a larger one and it was definitely not as easy. I learned from it and it works but it is not as perfect as I'd like it to be. After I covered the shade I painted the black stand navy blue.. now in retrospect I should of probably made it white so it wouldn't match the table but I will always be able to change it later if I so desire.
For now I love it and the fabric matches the pillow on our bed. My next step to adding color is to use a little blue fabric paint to add to our all white duvet cover.
I also want to make some navy blue throw pillows for our bed modeled after something I found on pinterest. Adding the color on the duvet and the final pillows will be a great final addition to the color in the room. My last step may be some wall but we will see what I think is needed after all the initial color is added to the room.

So how do you think the lamps turned out? You can kind of see the black spots through the fabric but maybe that is only me since I am hyper critical of my crafts but I still love it!
Stay Crafty

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