Monday, September 16, 2013

Menu Plan Monday!

I am a slacker, I know this.. or at least lately I have been but here is the deal. I am down to 4 classes left until I complete my Bachelor’s degree, I work full time, I work out quite often, I teach part time at JoAnn’s and I play slow pitch softball and do craft boutiques… it is quite a lot of stuff going on.
I knew this was bound to happen eventually and meant to preplan a bit in order to prevent such a lapse but I didn’t and you know what I am not all that worried about it. I still love crafting and love sharing my projects! I still have been making projects just the sharing has been nonexistent, that happens and that is ok!

Did I mention I also have family coming to visit next week and my mom’s birthday is coming up and I am hosting a birthday dinner for her!

That has added to my schedule but oh well! :)

This week I plan to make:
Chile Verde Burritos
Chicken Chili & Cornbread (for a work cook off!)
Pasta with Garlic Bread
The other night I am going out to Shabu Shabu with a few friends!

For lunches this week it was all the same since I was a bit lazy yesterday. I bought a rotisserie chicken, split it between 4 containers as well as steamed some baby carrots, cut up a watermelon and portioned out some raspberries. 

I hope to start posting on Sunday’s my weekly meal prep that I do for my lunches all week. I had touched on meal prepping briefly before I started my 24 day challenge. I have been posting my prepping on Instagram and I have had a few people ask what I follow but I make it up so I thought I should blog about it every week on Sunday so that you can prep too if you want!

Miss you guys!
Stay Crafty!

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