Thursday, October 17, 2013

Halloween Crafts!

Can you believe that this is actually a tutorial! Granted it is super easy but it is going to be a tutorial!

The first think I made are some dryer hose pumpkins! They were pretty easy to do! I ended up with two pumpkins but I think I could of got three of of the pack but I like just how it turned out. I used a rolled up piece of green fabric for the stem and I plan on adding some vines to it for a more complete centerpiece!

The other thing I made are some pumpkins out of clay pots. I turned them upside down, painted them orange and then added some vinyl eyes and a mouth. Added a bit of green fabric for the stem and a cheap decoration is done. The pots are 59 cents, paint and then I used scraps of vinyl I had on hand but you could paint faces too instead!

And last but not least DIY Window Clings! All you need is puffy paint and wax or parchment paper. Make your drawings on wax paper, let dry, peel and cling! Make sure not to spread the paint to thin or it will not peel off or stick very easily!

I can't wait to the the DIY Window Cling again for winter it was so easy! And you can't forget about the boards I made last year that are on my mantle!

What crafts do you do for Halloween.

Stay Crafty!

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