Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Meal Prep

This last week was hard, it was super busy and crazy! I almost didn't prep but then I remembered what I said to someone once.. 1 hour of prep is better than a week of unhealthy eating.

So I tried to compile lunches that I could make utilizing some leftovers from my Mom's 50th birthday party this last week!

I always have chicken breast, ground turkey, shrimp and tilapia in my freezer. I pulled out some turkey and chicken and found a few recipes to try!

My inpiration recipes this week were paleo "ravioli" & Buffalo chicken quinoa salad.
Now for the ravioli I do not have a food processor so I skipped the make it into a paste step and opted to make the dish spaghetti like instead.  It is really quite good. Oh and I used ground turkey over chicken since that is what I had and I didn't want to spend anymore money.

The buffalo chicken quinoa turned out good too! I enjoyed it even with blue cheese which is not a favorite of mine. Though I feel I must reveal I took off a good portion of the cheese to only have a slight sprinkle since I am still getting used to the taste of blue cheese!

The strawberries I kept for breakfast to eat on my cheerios with almond milk.

I tried a different approach this week of not snacking as much and I think I liked it, so we will see how I feel next week and then maybe a plan revision is necessary.

Stay Crafty

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