Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Hair Stuff Organizer

Two weeks in a row on blogging go me! 
Well one I want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and hope you enjoy your day but after the holiday you should totally make this!

This was ambitious on my part. I wanted to do it all by myself without any help and well it turned out pretty good so I am pretty excited!!

I had made this frame organization a while ago and it was great and all but it was not something Nico liked having displayed in our bathroom. It was great when we had a closet in our bathroom that it could hang on the inside of but we don't have that anymore..

So I drew out an idea to make a medicine cabinet type thing out of wood to house my headbands and some bows/flowers. 

I  went to Lowe's and started picking out wood I would use. Now I don't remember what they are all called soooo you will have to bear with me.

I wanted my end project to be 1' by 2' and they cut wood at Lowe's or Home Depot so that is a great help. 

I used a 1/2 thick wood that looks like the wood version of styrofoam (it is commonly used to back large pieces but plywood or something similarly thick would work too. 

I also bought a very thin piece of wood for the front, next time I am using a little bit thicker wood for a better chalkboard.. that was my bad but it happens. 

I also bought 1 by 2  boards and had them cut into 4 pieces that were 2' long and 6 pieces that were 9" long. 

In addition you will need:
nails- I would suggest 2" nails... if they go through the back you can pound them down to be flat, I would also buy 1" to 1.5" nails for the front piece.
magnet medicine cabinet closure
brackets for the back
cup hooks
crown moulding (optional)-cut to frame the top piece
wood glue

Now I really wanted it to hold up and my screws weren't long enough and i didn't think of the whole let them poke through and hammer them down thing so I ended up using a drill and setting some screws in place but you can totally do this project with only a hammer and nails too. But you will need a drill for the hinges.. so you may need help with one section.

First I took 2 of the 9" pieces and screwed the cup hooks into it, this will be to hold my headbands. 

Next I took the back piece 2 of the 2' pieces of wood and the 2 wood pieces with the hooks and one that didn't have any hooks.

I positioned the wood in place and started to hammer the pieces to the back.

I also hammered the pieces to the front, I did not add any hooks as I plan to glue ribbon pieces to it for bow storage...though in retrospect I have a lot of headbands and I should of done more hooks. I may go back and try to add the hooks to the side that I didn't have any hooks on. 
So now I have my two pieces ready to assemble.

I placed the two pieces on top of each other and measured out the distance for where the hinges should be. I drilled the screws into place to lock the hinges in.

After the hinges were in I hammered the brackets into place. 

My front piece was painted with chalkboard paint and I then added crown moulding around the edge. I didn't have a saw to make it perfect so I just had it cut straight.
Adding the magnet closer was easy as it could screw in with a screw driver. 

And then I added a quote with chalk and hung it up. 

 Sorry the end picture was blurry but I will update that and as you can see above I have a lto of headbands so I think I may remove the ribbon and put in a few more hooks and just keep my bows in a drawer for now. 

Well I was super proud of my project it was my first major undertaking.. what do you think?

Stay Crafty

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