Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas DIY Gift Ideas

If you are like me and since you are reading this there is a high possibility you are. 

I like to make gifts because well I have a lot of supplies and because handmade gifts are way more awesome than bought ones!

With that being said here are several ideas for you!

A reversible headband: Use some scraps, make it sports themed, make it their favorite colors, embroider it.. the possibilities are limitless. You could even make a flower for it.. or a rosette.. granted it wont be reversible anymore but still it would be cool.
How about a wrist pin cushion for the sewer in your life? Let's get rid of that scrap pile I know you have! You could even make it a patchwork pin cushion if you have small scraps.

Or maybe a pleated headband or 5... or more.. Just think about it.. make one in each color and give them the rainbow.. or maybe just their favorite colors and black and white...
Know anyone with a baby girl/toddler... these clippies make great gifts and they are easy. 
A half apron for the baker in your life sounds like a great idea too. 
Know someone that lives in the cold, or maybe just likes snow sports? Or they are a runner... then make them some fleece earwarmers. You only need 1/8th of fleece for one so the cost is minimal. 
How about giving a simple cork board turned fabulous.. you could even add some pictures to it to make it even more personalized. 
Or if you know someone obsessed with hair stuff like me.. then make them a frame bow and headband storage. You can find some great frames at thrift stores for cheap too!
Feel like being more crafty.. make your own pendants to make your own custom jewelry. 
 Or make an ombre bracelet this way
or maybe even this way. 
 If you still feel like doing some more friendship bracelets, buy a pair of headphones and cover them for a customized gift.
 and if you want to make a super easy gift... make some ornament earrings!

Well friends there are a few ideas... Hopefully at least one of them will be helpful to you!
Stay Crafty

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