Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas Gift Ideas- food edition!

Christmas is now less than 3 weeks away.. how did that happen?

Well if you are anything like me Christmas snuck up on you... I am not prepared. I am only slightly prepared only because I did all my shopping online on Monday.. thank you Cyber Monday..

As far as my crafts I do every year well I did start thinking about them so that is a starting block. I am working on a few things for a friend but other than that I am going nuts. 

So I thought I would help out and give you a few gift ideas that involve food because well food is awesome. 

You could do some cakes or pies in a jar? The small pint jars would be cute! Or you could just put the ingredients for cookies in a mason jar and attach a card with the recipe to it. 
Oreo Pops? Snowman or just sprinkles, they are yummy and easy!

Maybe just some cookies, or blondies? Here are a few good recipes!
Sugar Cookies if you use royal icing instead of buttercream you can really wow your recipients

I hope to post a few more ideas soon so check back soon!

Stay Crafty

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