Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Coffee Table to Bench

This craft is thanks to Nico... I am sure he wasn't expecting it when he made his suggestion... so I wanted to buy this and I had told Nico but he said well do you love it or should we find something else. It sent me into a whirl and I remembered this pin! So I took to craigslist... and I found this gem!

And the best part is it was $15 because the glass was missing and I didn't need the glass anyways!!! 

I liked it as is but in my room it stood out as is so I went and bought some white spray paint when I go the piece of plywood to fill in the space. I also really liked the leaf detail so I pulled out some navy blue paint I had and got to work.

I also bought a piece of foam and fabric to cover the foam. The foam was super easy to cover, I used a muslin to line the foam and then a plain blue. I simply used a staple gun to staple the fabric to the foam. 

Then you set the foam on top of your table.

Add a pillow....

and add a blanket too and the perfect little bench to create a nook to read in!
Pretty proud of how it turned out! Thanks Nico for the encouragement!

Stay Crafty

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