Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Copycat Recipes: Lucille's BBQ Chicken Salad

I love food. It is a known fact about me and when I find food I like at places like Lucille's or anywhere else really I like to attempt my own version like I did with my homemade crunchwraps.

I have recently started to cut out some carbs out of my meals to get back to being as healthy as I can be and reach my goals. This means I have been eating a lot of veggies and a lot of fruit and a lot of salads. The problem is I also make dinner for Nico so I need it to be yummy so that he will eat it too. That is why I decided to make the copy cat. Yes it has fried shallots on top but the rest of it is good enough that it is ok to have a little fatty goodness on top.

I used:
Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce
FF Ranch
Fresh Corn (1)
Cheddar Cheese 1-2 ounces
Chopped Romaine Lettuce

Fried "Onion Straws"

I let the chicken marinate in BBQ Sauce for about an hour. I then grilled the chicken. While the chicken was grilling I kept basting it with BBQ Sauce.

I  assembled my salad while I waited for the chicken to finish cooking.  Bed of lettuce, corn (freshly cut from the cob), chunks of cheddar cheese. Once the chicken was cooked thoroughly I sliced it neatly and arranged it on top of the salad. I fried some onion straws and placed them on top.

To make the onion straws: I recommend slicing them when you marinate the chicken and let them soak in some whole or butter milk. Drain them of the milk after the chicken is done and dredge them in seasoned flour. I use flour, garlic powder, pepper, salt. I fry the onions at around 350-375 for 1-2 minutes until golden brown.

Mix your dressing with equal parts ranch and BBQ sauce, drizzle atop the salad, take a picture (not necessary but who doesn't like to share their food on insta?!) then devour the salad.

It was so good.. I might even venture to say it was better than Lucille's but maybe that is because it was made at home a lot cheaper!

Try it out and let me know what you think!

Stay Crafty

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