Thursday, March 27, 2014

Cabinet Makeover

So I had mentioned that I was redoing my bathroom, guest room and backyard… yeah I know I have a lot of things going at once. But I am in sort of a redecorating phase, I have this overwhelming deserve to add more color and customize where we are living to be more of my style and so I am working on it!

The first project I did besides tearing out a lot of bushes for our backyard redo was to repaint the cabinet in our guest bathroom. It is a bit old and from being in the bathroom and being exposed to the steam and water from Nico setting sodas on the cabinet and what not it was pretty thrashed. Some of the wood was exposed and it made it expand and get sponge like and it just needed to be redone.
I had to start by doing a lot of sanding to the cabinet, it needed to be roughed up and smoothed to try to get rid of the parts that had expanded due to moisture. 

I didn’t want to change the color of it necessarily so I bought a quart of pure white paint that the man at Lowe’s recommended. Per his recommendation I did 3 total coats over the cabinet, drawers, shelf and door. 

My customization came in when I opted to paint the inside of the drawers black to give a different look to it and well I was going for a black, white and gold bathroom to go with the Sageish green walls. To add some sparks of gold I painted the hinges and the nobs with some gold spray paint.
Where I got really creative was the glass pane on the doors. I covered them with painters tape and cut out a pattern that I spray painted gold. I personally think it turned out great. And it was only a $10 redo… much cheaper than going and buying a whole new cabinet!

I also got good use out of the gold spray painted and painted a basket I had gotten from Pick Your Plum that I use to hold all the little shampoos and conditioners that I keep around for my guests.
And I painted the tissue holder, because why the heck not!

I think the cabinet turned out awesome and between that, changing out the curtain and bringing in some black and white towels the bathroom has a whole different look to it. I am really digging it.. now if only I can find a soap dispenser I like.. they all have silver tops which isn’t too bad since the towel rack and the faucet is silver.

Unfortunately the bathroom is a bit tiny and the lighting kind of sucks so that is the only good picture I have for now, but I am working on getting more for you but at least I have something to share!

Opinions.. is it weird to have a soap dispenser with a silver top and the bottom painted gold? My brain wants to say it would clash but maybe it wouln’t be so bad… or maybe I should paint it gold… put some stencil cutout stickers on it and then paint it black then peel away the stencils to have it black with gold design and a silver top?

Let me know your thoughts!

Stay Crafty

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