Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Simple and Last Minute St Patrick's Day Decor

Hello Everyone!

I am happy to announce I have finished college! I now officially can say I have a Bachelor’s Degree. It has been a strange adjustment and I am amazed at how much more time I have now… but even though I have extra time I still find that I am a horrible procrastinator. However; the first step is to admit you have a problem right?! But is it really a problem if you accomplish what you set out to do? I suppose when you factor in the OMG I have to do this now feeling it probably cancels out the well at least I got it done feeling. 

With that being said I am a procrastinator and I am ok with that, it just means that a project I made on the 16th last year for St Patrick’s Day gets to be shared now a whole 360ish days later!
Last year we had used St Patrick’s Day as a chance to throw our welcome home party… because moving is a lot of work and being back near your friends and family after being away 1.5 years deserves a party! But with moving and throwing a party I was proud to just get the house unpacked and organized so decorations were pushed back time and time again until the 16th or it might of even been morning of the 17th when I finally decided to pull something together. 

The good thing about procrastinating is I am forced to use items I have on hand and that makes everyone happy!

I made a Shamrock Garland utilizing some felt, ribbon and a sewing machine. Although if you don’t want to sew I am sure a hot glue gun would work just as well!

I had a few different shades of green felt and I went to work cutting out some 3 leaf and 4 leaf shamrocks. I then pinned the shamrocks to a long piece of ribbon and sewed the shamrocks in place. I even did a little shamrock embroidery on one of them just to play with my machine a bit as it had been packed away for a month or two prior to this project.

Super simple, super quick and super festive this project was a perfect last minute decoration for our party!

I also made a St Patty’s Day canvas as well. 

On the blank canvas I used some alphabet stickers that I had one hand to spell out Happy St Patty’s Day.

After the stickers were in place and firmly stuck to the canvas I started painting the canvas green.

 I did get a little artsy and draw in some faint clovers in the wet paint too.

 Let the canvas dry and then peel away the stickers and you have a really super cool St Patty’s decoration!

Not bad for last minute right?! And if you are wondering yes, all these pictures were taken last year knowing I wouldn’t be able to post the project for a year… the things bloggers do sometimes…
Anywho! I am working on a few things for you guys like a guest/craft room redo, I also am doing a major backyard redo and I did just recently do a few things for a bathroom redo as well! Those will all be coming soon!

I hope you have all been amazing and have a super awesome St Patty’s Day even if you can’t believe it is already the middle of March. 

Stay Crafty

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