Thursday, March 20, 2014

Things I am loving...

Right now I am in the middle of maybe 10 ish projects... but I am serioulsy lacking any kind of motivation to finish them. The whole I finished college so I will have more time to finish projects has not happend...I hope some of you do that too, if not well let's pretend like I am not juggling that many projects and say that it is only 2 and I need to finish and photograph them so I can share. 

However; I did not want to leave y'all in the silence since well I have done that a lot lately and I am ready to commit to being a better blogger.. Even thought I still need to learn more about photography.. but hopefully you can stick with my through a learning curve once I finally take the plunge and purchase a DSLR camera.
Today is centered around things I may or may not be obsessing over right now.

First and foremost I am always obsessing over Pinterest.. It is so very addicting and just amazingly awesome.
Funny Cry for Help Ecard: 'Hmm, I'm getting kind of tired of pinning things on Pinterest. Maybe I'll stop,' said no one ever. 
I am also really  into edible gardens. I think I had mentioned that we are redoing our backyard to include edible plants, but if I didn't you know now! We really like the idea of growing our own food but it is also my first time gardening something other than herbs and jalapenos so it is going to be interesting. I am already behind on planting but hopefully it will be ok... I guess we shall see!

I know there is more but right now it seems to be slipping my mind so I guess I will leave it with those two for now and hopefully soon some projects will be completed... even if it isn't until after softball season.. 

I did mention I coach right.. which totally explains why the free time I anticipated having after graduation hasn't quite been there since I replaced school with coaching and seem to run around like a chicken with my head cut off more often than not. Anyways I will get some projects done eventually and you will know once I do.. Until then browse some of my past projects and recipes!

Stay Crafty

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