Tuesday, July 14, 2015

BBQ Ranch Deviled Eggs

Anyone remember 3 years ago 3.5 years ago when I wrote about BBQ Ranch Deviled Eggs?

Oh good you don’t cause I don’t either :/ well clearly I wrote about them but the picture was just so appetizing I felt like I needed to do it again, so I did!

I mean I was just so excited to share stuff back then no matter what the picture quality was.. Is that so wrong? Maybe.

Anyhow eggs are a good go to snack for me. I can easily prep hard boiled eggs on a Sunday in my handy egg cooker (thanks Mom!) and be set all week. Normal deviled eggs are great but BBQ Ranch deviled eggs are awesome.

You will need:

·         Hard boiled Eggs
·         Ranch
·         Pepper
·         Chopped Chives
·         BBQ Sauce of Choice.

1.       Peel, slice and separate the eggs.
2.       Add ranch and a generous helping of pepper to the yolks, mix until you get the consistency you desire. *The amount of ranch all depends on the number of eggs. For a small batch 6 or so eggs I use a large spoonful of ranch so about 1/4cup.  I think it is best to start with less than start with too much*
3.       Spoon yolk mixture into a pastry bag and pipe into the eggs.
4.       Using a pastry bag, squirt bottle or spoon drizzle BBQ sauce over the eggs. Sprinkle with chives and serve (or you can mix the chives into the yolk mixture but they need to be thinly sliced)

Stay Crafty!

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