Tuesday, July 21, 2015

DIY Customized Cups

I think I may of mentioned it before but in case I did not... I got a Cricut Explorer this last year and well I am obsessed. I have used it so much and it has seriously been the most used gift I have ever gotten.

I have been making a lot of DIY shirts using Iron- On Vinyl… but I am still testing which companies Iron- On I find to be the best, please leave any suggestions you have!

So what I am sharing today is a DIY Gift. Everyone drinks water and for me I find the reusable cups with the straws helps me to drink more water during the day. I also know I reuse these cups when I play softball tournaments for my “juice” So it was perfect when I had two birthdays coming up I needed to do something for and they are both people I play ball with.

I went to Costco to buy cups as I find they are the best deal… a 3pack for $21 instead of one for $12-14 is great. I have gotten so many reusable cups from Costco but this time they had these Contigo cups and OMG they are awesome. This cup is definitely my favorite and as an added bonus they are the shake and go tumblers and allow me to stir my juice without it leaking everywhere. Seriously the best tumbler I have found… but now that I got that rave out of the way I can get to what you are here for!

I have a stockpile of a lot of different craft supplies and my latest obsession with the cricut means I have all different types of vinyl, paper, etc. This included permanent vinyl. I felt permanent vinyl would stand up longer to dishwashing, wear and tear and just be the better option. So far I have washed my cups each about 5 cycles in the dishwasher and they still look brand new. (Top Shelf dishwasher safe cups)

All I did was cut out various shapes with my permanent vinyl and secured it to my cups and I had a super cute customized gift that everyone loves.

But if you want to make it even cooler you can add stuff into the cup… I included the mini shots of alcohol and mixers in a bag so you can have your cup and your drink but that is up to you and depends on what kind of occasion you are celebrating!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know if you have questions!

Stay Crafty!


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