Thursday, July 9, 2015

Spring Rolls

Hey there!
I know it has been a while but if you were following me on Instagram (Craft GeekFit Foodie) either of my accounts you would now it has not been spent idly.

I have been cooking and crafting but I still work as well so I struggle in taking pictures of the projects that are pin worthy. I am working on taking better pictures but I failed, my bad.

But I do have an awesome recipe to share and hopefully once I get better at lighting pictures I will have more recipes to share!

I have been really trying to stick to a Paleo diet recently after completing a whole30 cleanse. I realized I felt much better during my cleanse and wanted to keep it up. However; I also am just a foodie and eat what I want.

I made spring rolls! It took me a long time to get around to making these because I was scared… a friend wrote a blog post about it and well she made it seem super simple so I gave it a go!
Guess what?! It is sooooooo easy. Like so easy it makes me laugh at myself for being scared to do it before.

The best part is you can make them with whatever you want.. I mean if you want to go more traditional there are traditional fillings but either way you can customize them.

I used:
·         Cooked Shrimp
·         Boston Lettuce
·         Cucumber (julienned)
·         Rainbow Carrots (julienned)
·         Cilantro (1 sprig)
·         Green Onion (green part length of spring roll)

·         2tbs Hoisin
·         1tbs melted peanut butter
·         1tsp Siracha

I found I had the most success if I used my Boston lettuce to wrap my julienned veggies first and then wrapped the spring rolls. The wrapping of the lettuce made it harder for the carrots to poke through the wrapper. Each shrimp I used was butterflied in half so one shrimp per roll.

The spring roll wrappers are just softened by sitting in water. I prepped a plate of water and a work area, while one softened I assembled the other. It was so easy and quick and just fun!

Place your wrapper on a plate, fill it and roll like a burrito. So quick and so easy.

I plan to make more spring rolls in my future and give different fillings a try. 

Until the next time, Stay Crafty!

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