Thursday, July 23, 2015

Stuffed Prosciutto Chicken

Sometimes… Quite often actually I come up with my best food ideas at random or I just randomly start pulling stuff together from the fridge and it turns into a masterpiece.
That is how this chicken came to be.
I had just finished my Whole 30 and I wanted cheese and I had prosciutto and chicken on hand and thought hmm wouldn’t it be super tasty to include all of that into one thing?!
Well of course it would be and that is how the Stuffed Prosciutto chicken came to be! And now that it has come to be I cannot wait to try other variations with different stuffing ideas!

I used:
Chicken Breasts (butterflyed out… or you can pound them thin but I prefer to cut the breast into thin pieces)
Parmesan Cheese (or cheese of choice… mozzarella would be awesome)
Garlic Powder

When I cook chicken I like it to be thinner and well the breast I buy are super thick that normally 1 breast can be two meals for me so I cut them in half width wise to half two nice sized pieces of chicken.

I took my piece of chicken and laid them flat on a board. I seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic flavor god (garlic powder and Italian seasoning are a good substitute).
After the chicken was seasoned I put a stick of parmesan on the chicken and rolled the chicken together. I secured the chicken by wrapping it with a piece of prosciutto and placing it on the pan seam side down.
After I had all my chicken rolled I place the pan into a 400 degree oven for 15-20 minutes. The chicken should be thin enough to be cooked in that amount of time, adjust time as necessary.
I served my chicken over a spaghetti squash pasta mixture aka Spaghetti squash cooked and mixed with pasta sauce and a little garlic and basil.
This chicken was so good… I cannot wait to try it again with different cheeses stuffed inside.
Hope you enjoy!
Stay Crafty!

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